Granny stitch blanket


Love this, I made it for a friend of my sister in law.


6 thoughts on “Granny stitch blanket

  1. I bet little Ellie likes this one as much as I do.
    I wonder how one can get blog traffic going? I will follow Craft Crazy gran too. Let’s get going together.

      • I do not know what makes a blog work either. I started this 2 month ago to hopefully promote my business and fundraisers. I really like to help people to over come.
        I posted your work to face book.
        I had a blog last year, because Face book changed their format. I was sick of telling my Muslim friends the same thing every day. I referred to my blog of the certain subject instead of saying the same thing 10x a day. I love my muslim friends, but do not like to say the same thing all the time. I grew up atheist aO use for religion. I hope many more people come to see your awesome art work. be blessed!

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